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Australia’s Finest Film Education

The International Film School Sydney offers an intensive two-year hands-on training in screenwriting, directing and producing.

This course is offered to filmmakers who want to find a unique voice and the skills necessary to ensure a flourishing career in any sector of the international market, armed with a thorough understanding of the global independent film industry and its opportunities.

A school for filmmakers with a desire to work hard and make many many films, under their own authorial control.  Filmmakers who want their talents stretched, informed, and enlightened.  Who want to be empowered to create world class cinema.  Creatively ambitious.  Market savvy.  Artistically unique.

A school primarily the writer, director and producer.  A filmmaking course in which you can incrementally specialise (or diversify).  A course that stresses artistry over craft.  A course that stresses inspired and insightful skill, and informed intuition, over formulaic understandings and unexplored techniques.

Story, business skills, creativity

The International Film School Sydney opened in August 2005.  Since then we have attracted Australia’s finest film teaching talent — both from other film schools, and Australia’s raft of highly-talented practicing filmmakers.

This group of teachers, visiting lecturers, guest tutors, mentors bring to the school story expertise, marketing expertise, filmmaking expertise, professionalism and real-world insights.

We confidently offer the best screenwriting training in Australia, the most challenging and liberating directing journey, the most insightful producing industry program.  How?  By offering students the wisdom and guidance of those who really know — those making films, financing films, distributing films now.  Filmmakers working day-to-day on the cutting edge of what is new and viable, and provenly successful.

A premium education

We provide a premium education that is challenging, energising, pragmatic and empowering.

The International Film School Sydney develops in its students:

  • a profound and sophisticated understanding of filmic storytelling
  • rich, adaptable, inventive creativity
  • highest-level professional insights into international film financing
  • an effective understanding of film production business practice

Each student will leave the two year course with:

  • a broad-ranging, practical understanding of all filmmaking processes
  • an effective, personally-tailored career strategy
  • a business plan
  • a development slate of highly competitive, professional standard film and TV projects
  • one or two fully-developed feature length screenplays
  • high level pitching skills
  • a career-launching showreel of films completed to professional standard